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Advice and protection for men* affected

Are you under psychological pressure at home? Do you suffer physical violence? Does your partner keep money or essential resources from you? You are not alone – men* are the victims in 19 percent of violence in relationships in Germany. The interactive map shows organisations that can help you and also, how you can get in touch with them by phone or email:

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Germany currently has nine men’s* refuges providing a total of 29 places for affected men* and, where required, their children. They are:

Name / AgencyCityPlacesin operation sinceWebsite / Contact
Adami – SKM Augsburg e.V.Augsburg41. December 2019Contact
MännerWohnHilfe e.V.Oldenburg21. March 2000Contact
Männerhaus LEMANN e.V.Leipzig31. February 2017Contact
Männernetzwerk Dresden e.V.Dresden31. February 2017Contact
Freiraum - SKM gGmbH DüsseldorfDüsseldorf416. June 2020Contact
Freiraum - SKM Köln e.V.Köln420. July 2020Contact
Riposo – Caritas Nürnberg e.V.Nürnberg41. December 2019Contact
Sozialberatung Stuttgart e.V.Stuttgart21. October 2017Contact
Weissenberg e.V.Plauen31. January 2019Contact


On average, the men’s* refuges currently available are two-thirds full. Some have waiting lists. The addresses provided on the map are those of the providers. The locations of the refuges they provide are kept secret in order to ensure residents’ safety.

Our colleagues from Männerberatungsnetz [men’s advice network] offer further men-specific counselling services on topics such as violence (advice for victims and perpetrators), health, sexuality, homelessness, paternity, youth work, work and older men.

Women* affected by domestic violence can find a map of services on the portal of the Zentrale Informationsstelle Autonomer Frauenhäuser (Central Information Office for Autonomous Women’s Refuges, ZiF).

* We respect sexual and gender diversity.


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