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New EU directive: Germany committed to strengthening protection of men against violence

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30. May 2024

In particular, Article 30 of the directive now explicitly no longer applies only to affected women. The article contains requirements for the establishment of shelters for all victims of domestic and sexual violence.

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We are looking for people who have the courage to tell us their story

14. February 2024

Our current campaign "Live without violence, man" has already encouraged many people to seek help. This campaign will be expanded this year to include more faces. Faces of victim survivors and faces of those active in the domestic violence support system. Do you have the courage to tell us your story?

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The police crime statistics: male* victims of domestic – loud and clear

2. June 2023

The figures of the PKS for 2022, which have now been published, form the basis of a separate evaluation by the BFKM. It becomes clear that the extended depth of representation of domestic violence (including intimate partner and family violence and violence in the social environment) considerably broadens the visibility of the groups of people affected. Especially men* who report to men* counselling services are more realistically affected by violence.

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Berlin Senate pledges to change services for men* affected by domestic violence in the capital city

5. May 2023

Short report by the organisers of the symposium "From Shame to Help" at Refugio Berlin. The results and promises make us sit up and take notice as far as the early establishment of effective men's* violence protection facilities in the state of Berlin is concerned.

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North Rhine-Westphalia: Two new men's shelters with eight places from January 2022 on

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3. January 2022

In North Rhine-Westphalia, four additional places have been available in a further shelter apartment for men affected by domestic violence since January 1, 2022. In addition, the commissioning of another men's shelter apartment with another four places is planned for mid-January in Warendorf. On the occasion of the opening, we asked the minister three questions on the topic of protecting men from violence.

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Current Status of the Implementation of the Istanbul Convention for Men* in Germany

28. September 2021

The Federal Coordination Office for the Protection of Male Victims of Violence published its paper "Protection of male victims of violence and implementation of the Istanbul Convention in Germany Current status". For the first time, the perspective of male victims of domestic violence in Germany is placed in the context of the Istanbul Convention.

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Advice service for men affected by domestic violence in the Mainz area

20. September 2021

A advise service for male victims of domestic violence has opened its doors in Mainz. It is run by the association Opfer- und Täterhilfe (outh e.V.). The advise service can be reached at Erthalstr. 2, 55118 Mainz, by email at safe@outh.de [...]

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Real men talk - Internet portal for professionals released

10. September 2021

The SKM Bundesverband has launched a page for professionals. It offers boys' and men's counsellors current and extended information, background information and further training. The highlight of the site is an absolutely convincing image film.

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Federal Foundation for Equality gets to work

8. July 2021

Federal Coordination Office for the Protection of Male Victims of Violence welcomes the new body as a further step towards gender equality (Source: PR) The Bundesstiftung Gleichstellung [Federal Foundation for Equality] began its work on 7 [...]

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Federal Coordination Office for the Protection of Male Victims of Violence in press conference with Federal Minister Dr. Franziska Giffey


14. January 2020

On Tuesday, 14 January, the Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, Dr. Franziska Giffey, will present the work of the Federal Coordination Office for the Protection of Male Victims of Violence (BFKM) at the [...]

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