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expert recommendations for practical work with men* affected by violence

6. April 2022

Dear colleagues in the field of men’s violence protection,

The Federal Coordination Office for the Protection of Male Victims of Violence (BFKM) publishes a series of expert recommendations for the protection of men against violence. These are available for download, print versions can be ordered free of charge.

Together with colleagues from violence protection and counselling practice, we have compiled a collection of work aids and checklists for practical work with men* affected by violence. They are already being used in individual facilities of the network and we are happy to share them with the professional community because of their practical usefulness. We hope that they will make it easier for new services to get started.

We therefore make them available in various formats to all existing and developing men’s* protection facilities as well as interested actors. Please send feedback, criticism, suggestions for changes or additions by email to: info@maennergewaltschutz.de

Work Aids (all in german language)

Move-out checklistDownloadDownloadDownload
Termination of user relationshipDownloadDownloadDownload
Confirmation move-out, Handover of keysDownloadDownloadDownload
Checklist What to bringDownloadDownloadDownload
Declaration of consent data protectionDownloadDownloadDownload
Initial intake formDownloadDownloadDownload
Conversation protocolDownloadDownloadDownload
Release from confidentialityDownloadDownloadDownload
Security planDownloadDownloadDownload
Process protocolDownloadDownloadDownload
Housing regulationsDownloadDownloadDownload

Checklists (all in german language)

Public relationsDownloadDownloadDownload
Preventive measuresDownloadDownloadDownload


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